Children's & Teenagers Classes

If you want to give your kids more self-confidence please consider putting them on a course…it is much cheaper than a games console and could make a life-time of replica rolex difference to them.

The techniques we teach for the scenarios we have in mind are not appropriate to children under 11 years of age. If you have a child in this category we would re-direct you to one of the many Martial Arts clubs in the area. Some are mentioned in our Links pages.). 

Should you have teenagers - aged 16 and above - who are beginning to socialize outside the safer confines of school-related venues or who are soon to embark on rolex replica watches a Gap Year now is the time to give them the tools to cope with some of the more unsavoury things that life might throw at them.

We are keenly aware that most young rolex replica people would prefer coming with a friend and we make this easier by offering discounts for two or more joining together.

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We will be rolling out courses for schools but we are aware that your child's school may not opt in to our scheme. We are planning an extra-curricular class outside school for 16 year olds and above. Please keep checking here for details.