Courses for Businesses

Defensive Arts runs courses for businesses with a twofold intent. Firstly, we want to teach the core elements of what we do best - self defence.

wall strangleIn addition, we find that gatherings for the workforce outside normal working hours can lead to a better relationship between staff members which can translate to improved morale and productivity. 

In short, we are keenly aware that 'bonding improves performance' but, with us, you will also give your staff a useful life skill.

We can work inside companies so long as we have a room with sufficient space – no mats or any special equipment is required.  Alternatively, we may be able to find a convenient and suitable location off-site.

Organizations that have benefitted from our courses include:-

St Joseph's School, Epsom
Thomson Reuters, Exeter
Exeter University Staff
Exeter College Staff
Hikmat Devon

Course prices vary according to location and start from £395 for up to 20 participants and the cost could either be borne solely by the company or else the company may subsidize its staff.