Our Instructors

Aikido instructorAndré de Mendonça: Black Belt in Aikido and a Self Defence Instructor. 

I took up martial arts mainly because my wife and I had wanted some measure of discipline and purpose for our daughter so we took her to some Aikido classes at a nearby Leisure Centre.  I was drawn onto the mat and was soon hooked.  I swiftly went up the grades and before I knew it I was staring at the final, huge hurdle to Black Belt.  In the intervening period I had taken a separate course in Self Defence and undergone a coaching course with the British Aikido Board, the National Association for the art. A First Aid course was a natural consequence and then an enhanced CRB (now, DBS) check as I was teaching children within the club.

My first classes outside the club were in girls schools in Surrey and, I can assure you, that there is nothing out there on the streets that can induce more fear than facing a gaggle of Year 10 and 11s.

Having moved to Exeter I now deliver courses for both staff and students at the University and am also an Associate Lecturer at Exeter College.